Friday, November 28, 2008


these are some of my recent photo~do give some comment on my new hair style oh~
nothing much to say bout~jz a random blog~anyway i do like the 4th pic very much~i mean i like the way it capture~do u all feel tat's nice pic n NICE MODEL also?haha~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

*on demand*

as i said on demand mean that some of my frens are asking me to update my blog due to their 'curiosity' of how my life going on~(famous me~kaka^^)i guess u guys will feel kind of weird why suddenly i use eng to write this blog~this is because i don have the feel now n lazy type in chinese~kaka^^ =p

as the pervious blog tat i'm talking bout the audition for 988's deejay, i think many of the reader may wonder how's the result~(act in that particular post i did mention the result of my own estimation)anyway i announced again that i *failed* for the 1st audition coz until today they also never call me for the 2nd audition~oh ya~when u all read this pls don leave comment such as don sad or things like tat~act i have no feel towards it~as i said i go for the audition jz wan to have a *look*~
well, my brain was stuck here~wat to write some more?erm~let's talk bout exam~i got 2 things want to touch on this issue~

1st~ya i did admit i play cheat in the mid term, so?i know it's not a correct things to do but i heard one of the ppl said 'everyone is cheating, u don cheat den u stupid lo'~i do agree the front part coz the fact is everyone is cheating~but the last part is not tat good to say out~coz different ppl got different principle so ppl who din cheat is not stupid but they jz hold their principle n they did the right thing also~however, wat make me talk bout cheat in the exam is not because of the phrase but is a person who keep saying or even scolding n insulting those who are cheating in the mid term test~perhaps u guys reading will feel tat i'm so 'ba dao' coz i say tat those who are cheating in the mid term shud not b blame~in fact, the person who scold, nag, insult does cheat as well~jz the matter tat person claim tat he/she cheat *a bit*~is it any different tat cheat for the whole paper n cheat a bit?for an example, A punch u once, B punch u twice den will u jz sue B only coz B punch u more?isnt it both of them who punch u , u also will sue them right?so wat the hell of the qualification for the person who cheat *a bit* to nag, scold, insult others?isnt it tat person doing the same thing also?well this is jz my point of view~this is my blog so u jz can leave comment to say tat i'm wrong on this situation of blaming the *person* but u cant stop me to state out this issue~coz i'm FREAKING DAMM DULAN this *person* in this case lo~

2nd thing bout exam is that wed i go back coll at 8sth *PM* for revising the media law ler~surprising?is not to show off here jz tat i also feel weird tat i'm so hardworking back coll at night for revising~haha^^ it was a *good* experience to stay at coll at night~1st of all can have a different feeling compare with day time~2nd hor~really can feel that coll is really 'yam sam'~i even can feel *someone* is observing us ler~(i dunno is i too sensitive or wat la)anyway study till bout 1sth den v all leave coll quickly~

i think tat's all for now bah~coz this post did contain quite many information of me i think~hope can fulfill my readers’ need~I will try to update as often as I can~yet u all shud leave more comment to me as a motivation to push me to update frequently~kaka^^

Saturday, November 15, 2008



p/s:joey u can use the translator beside there to translate the whole page~but the meaning will not exactly the same la~~sometime will totally different also~~hehe^^